Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ultimate wish list!

Ultimate Wish List Tag!

Since my camera is still broken and I don't really have the funds for replacing it yet, here is a fun picture post anyways! Lately, I have been absolutely obsessed with browsing online! Whether its through stalking blogs or just filling my shopping bag, I've been loving it!

Here is a few of my absolute must haves:

The Ferragamo Sofia Satchel

I was watching the Bounty Hunter the other day on Netflix's "Play Instantly" section (netflix is offering a free trial right now!) and it was like love at first sight! This bag is absolutely gorgeous in motion and every time it popped up on screen, my eyes were just drawn to it. Its classic, sleek, convertible, and a bag that will stay in style for years. I also like how its not a structured and moves with the flow. Its just one of those bags that you won't get sick of. I know Ferragamo isn't popular for girls that aren't nearing a mid-life crisis or anything but I've always admired it since I was a pre-teen. The Sofia retails around $1,800. You can imagine I pretty much lost all desire for life when I found out the price!! has it for $1,300.. who knew sells purses!? A more affordable version is maybe the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Groove worn by Lauren Conrad retailing for $495 - LOVE it!

The YSL Arty Ring

To. Die. For. I think I've been admiring these for 2 years now! The turquoise is probably my favorite but they come in so many pretty colors! I also love how FashionToast wore them. They're a little too bold for me to wear but I have fun loving them from afar.. and you know, putting them in my cart! haha =) Not bad for $195 a pop!

The Iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy

Honestly, who hasn't wanted a Speedy at least once in their life? This is my second all time must have. Its the very definition of classic. It's been in style for so many decades and is still going strong. The monogram canvas has my heart but there are so many fakes around that I would probably go for the damier ebene. I love the gorgeous red interior and the fact that the handles won't patina and show age with wear. Can you tell I like investment pieces?! It's cuz I'm broke! haha

The Louis Vuitton Trevi

I have no idea how to resize pictures on Blogger so.. sorry. I call it the "Doctor's bag" but its just so impressionable and even more beautiful in person. Simply love it! Only $1,600 =)

Everything Chanel!

(Why is my favorite picture the smallest!?!?) And of course, the Chanel Jumbo is my ultimate, covet item. Its stunning, gorgeous, luxurious, and goes with everything. Definitely worth the investment! I actually want a caviar jumbo with SHW (silver hardware), a WOC (wallet-on-chain) AND a mini. ;) Jumbos in both beige and black! Also want Chanel flats, a Chanel pearl necklace like the one in Devil Wears Prada, list goes on and on!

What are your ultimate wish list pieces!? =)


  1. I am also majorly coveting the YSL ring. As it's not in my budget to spend $200 on costume jewelry I picked up F21 versions with large stones (nothing similar, but it'll do for now) for $5-$6.

    And who wouldn't love Chanel under the tree? Dreaming...

  2. I do love your taste in bags! And I love that bag LC was carrying (thanks for the link!)! Have you seen the Weekender? Or is that the same bag as the one you linked me? They are a bit on the pricey side. I think my bf would kill me if I bought another travel bag.

    I thought I would love my LV Keepall 55 but it's such a terrible bag to travel with...(plus Wally chewed up part of the strap! haha I hate the bag now..don't even want to look at it)

    I mean it looks really good, but it's just not comfortable to carry at all! The bf agrees when he has to carry it. But the Balenciaga looks much more comfy to carry.

    LV's handles are just a bit too bulky for my liking.

    My Mom, Grandma, and a few of my aunts thought my Balenciaga was the most unattractive bag ever. hahaha

  3. I think the Arty ring is really artsy! lol My little cousin ( a guy ) says it looks like dragon eggs. lol Guys! They just don't get it.

  4. LMFAO at the Heidi Montag pic you sent me! hahaha

    I think that's just a little TOO big.

    I do love the Velo (especially in the white)! haha I like the price tag too! It's not too crazy for such a nice size bag.

    I think my Mom would yell at me if I wanted to sell any of my designer bags because she'd want them all lol. I think I'd just give it to her.

    I always worry when selling bigger ticket items online. (More hassle than it's worth I guess). Have you had good experiences selling your bags?

    I just don't trust Craigslist, Minh and I have had bad experiences in the past. We've been scammed once when I was in college. It was a complete hassle to get our money back (thank the heavens we were able to get our money back).

    Plus, I'm totally not into meeting strangers. It's too creepy! Someone in Seattle (co-worker of a friend of mine) sold a pair of expensive sneakers..arranged to meet at a school parking jumped by the person he thought was going to buy them. They stole the shoes, took his car, phone, everything. Then they used his GPS (clicked the HOME button) and went to his house, broke in and robbed him.

    Things like that actually happen!
    Anyhow..sorry I get too into stories sometimes >.< But that story completely changed the way I view Craigslist.

  5. It's okay, I currently have an F-ed up sleeping schedule. I'm surprised you're up!

    I do admire MBMJ an Marc Jacob bags, but I just haven't found one that shouts WOW!

    I love seeing them on random strangers in Seattle. :) It makes me happy.

    I don't think I will buy a new bag any time soon. I've been on a shoe kick..but Seattle's weather is so blahh, I never get to wear my nice stuff. I'm always in rainboots or uggs just to be warm and / or weather proof.

    I hope you are asleep!

    I'm headed to bed. Will pick up on our chat soon :)



  6. Can I get your e-mail address? I want to ask you something! :) btw..I miss your blog updates!

  7. Your wish list is awesome, I love every single item that you put there but I especially want and need the YSL Arty Rings, and I say rings because I want them in every color! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  8. i love the arty rings too and i agree i've been lusting for years too!
    i finally just decided to find a similar style and found these
    got them in pink and brown! love!

  9. Have you seen the Arty bracelet?? Omigosh so luxe and haute!!! I already have a pink arty ring but am seriously considering the entire set...mixed colors and matched this list!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog: WIN A FREE PAIR OF SHOES!!!

  10. Pretty and cute things, i love YSL ring a lot !♥

    Linda from

  11. I would love a Chanel or LV bag one day <3

  12. i heart this list! you know it's so funny because the YSL arty ring has been on my wishlist for probably 2+ years now.. but for whatever reason i haven't been able to pull the trigger.. i've taken the hubs into YSL to look at it.. and he kinda winced.. and then quickly recovered and said ' ummm it's alright ' AHAHA. so i dunno if that's what's deterred me.. the hubs is my biggest supporter and simultaneously biggest critic.. haha.

    thank you so much for your kind words.. you are too sweet :)
    i have actually been thinking about getting into vlog's for awhile and i tried to make one a few weeks ago.. of a hair tutorial.. and when i played it back.. i felt like i sounded like minnie mouse hahaha.. so i'm trying to practice not sounding like a 12 year old hahaha.

  13. love everything on the list, you should check out pinterest. I am so addicted to it!

  14. I want more Chanel too... Dying to have the nude color one :) great post here...

  15. How about an Ultimate Wish List 2013 post!! ;)

  16. I just found your blog and I love the LV speedy. You look great Jen looks great, this is definitely a wishlist post. They're all amazing bags