Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chanel Fragrance Travel Sprays | REVIEW

Traveling in style

Everyone is familiar with rollerballs and atomizers but my favorites have always been purse sprays. They're always beautifully designed, feel absolutely luxurious, and are cheaper than buying the individual rollerballs. As much as I like atomizers, I've found that most of the ones I've tried, including the famous Travalo, leak over time. After having my purse and it's contents damaged by a faulty Travalo, I've decided its not worth saving a few dollars now to have a lot of expensive damage later. (Attempting to apply foundation that reeks of perfume is ridiculously nauseating).

 Lots of higher end brands produce these purse sprays, my favorites being: Chanel, Burberry, and Dior. Despite being around for a long time, I feel as though they don't get a lot of recognition and I only discovered purse sprays after seeing the Chanel Mademoiselle one in one of SparkleMissA's videos. It was definitely one of those, "And why don't I own this already?" moments. 

Don't you love the gold detailing? The details are engraved on the bottom of the spray and the spray itself actually has a really good weight to it. You can definitely feel the quality when holding it.

They usually come with 3 vials of perfume with one already inside the travel canister. 

For Chanel purse sprays, you simple twist the top part, which reveals the nozzle and all you do is press down to release the perfume. (Did you see the tiny CC embossing?)   

I absolutely love that these sprays don't require a cap since its just too easy for the caps to fall off and get lost in your bag, causing perfume to spray everywhere. I've never once had these sprays untwist themselves while being tossed around in my purse.

As always, Chanel items have beautiful details; their purse sprays are no exception.

They're also incredibly easy to refill. Once the nozzle is revealed, you simply pull off the top and put the topper on the next column of perfume. Then, you simply put the vial back inside the canister and gently press down. Twist, pull, replace, twist. You've got to be a moron to have difficulty with this.

Lastly, notice that you receive 2.1 fl oz for the Chanel Mademoiselle Twist & Spray, which retails for $87 at Nordstrom. If you were to buy the bottle version, you would only get 1.7 fl oz for $85. So essentially, you're paying $2 more but getting .04 oz more perfume and with the added convenience of the perfume being travel-friendly.

Here is a size comparison of the Coco Mademoiselle 1.7 fl oz bottle vs the Twist & Spray 2.1 fl oz. If you're going to gift someone a Chanel perfume but aren't looking to spend over $100, I think the Twist & Sprays are your best option. The 1.7 fl oz bottle is awfully small so there is a good chance your recipient has no idea how expensive it really is. My Mom was actually appalled at how tiny it was and told me it was simply too small to give to my aunt (since she's a snob). If you were to buy the next size up, it is the beautiful 3.4 oz but costs $115. 
Note: the size of the 3.4 fl oz box and the Twist & Spray box are actually very similar, if not the same. 

There is also the added benefit that your recipient would be seeing this purse spray for the first time. I can't tell you how many times I have been asked about these sprays from both friends and strangers.

And yes, the boys get to play too. Chanel does make travel sprays for Bleu de Chanel, Allure Home Sport, as well as No. 5, the Coco Mademoiselle Eau De ToiletteChance Eau Fraiche, Eau Tendre, etc. Aside from the Chanel website, Nordstrom carries the most while Sephora only carries a few. Seeing the Chanel Chance travel spray is pretty rare in store and is often sold out online. 

The Burberry Brit Sheer is most likely going to be my next purchase. Its much smaller compared to the Chanel ones since it only comes with 1.5 fl oz for $65. When comparing their travel sprays with the full size bottle of the perfume, the bottle is actually slightly cheaper, unlike the Chanel travel sprays. However, the rollerballs are a different story. The Burberry Brit Sheer rollerball is .33 fl oz for $25 meaning I would need to purchase 4 1/2 rollerballs to equal the amount of perfume that is in the travel sprays. That means it would cost $112.50 for the rollerballs versus the $65 for the travel sprays instead. If you're a fan of Burberry Brit Sheer, then:
you're welcome.

A few other brands that carries them are Elie SaabBvlgariGuerlain, & Burberry. As beautiful as the Bvlgari one is, you only get .8 fl oz for $48 so keep that in mind. 

Have you heard of these purse sprays before? And if you have, which ones are your favorite? And I promise there won't be any math in my next post :)


  1. chanel chance perfume will forever be one of my favourites - now i seriously want one ;p
    Check out my latest post featuring something dark with an edge :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

  2. omgosh i have the coco madamoiselle!! i got it as a gift from chanel when i attended a chanel party at their store a few years ago. i love it :)

    but omgosh the chance bottle is SOOO cute. anything pink makes me so happy. i don't even care what's inside or how it smells LOL.

    and the burberry container is LEGIT cute. omgosh looks like a gold bar HAHAHA. i am so chinese. wtf.

  3. Wow... you're right. "And why don't I own this already!?" These aren't given the hype they deserve, I didn't even know about them! And I agree rollerballs are lame. I'm sad my beloved Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'Eau doesn't come in a travel spray... :(

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  5. those chanel perfume <3

  6. loveee the packaging :D

  7. I've been using Coco Mademoiselle for years, love it.

  8. Your photos are so good!! I love SparkleMissA too!!

  9. I didn't know they sold these. I definitely need one for my purses!

  10. The packaging is always so pretty! Love your post

    xx Cissy

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