Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can I get some service please?

** This is an entry I wrote a few months ago... lol I actually write a ton of entries - they just never make it to my blog! lol my camera hasn't been working.. which is my excuse and i'm sticking to it ;) but i'm going to try and update more because its so unfair I yell at others for not updating THEIR blogs.. haha sorry! :)

I have had the worst treatment from Sales Associates lately. From New York to San Diego, SA's would either look me up and down or glance at my purse before responding rudely to me. (Skip to New York if this is tl;dr)

This is honestly a new experience to me. Before my aunt started giving me expensive gifts for looking after my family, the most expensive item in my possession was a $110 Coach purse I picked up from the Outlets back in high school, but even then, no one ever treated me poorly.

While in college, I shared a bedroom with 2 other people miles away from school because it was all I could afford. Before I moved in, my future roommates asked me about my financial situation, etc because honestly, who is willing to share a tiny room with 2 other people?! (6 other people total in the house, so 9 total). I told them the truth but it turned out that they didn't even believe me. Only once I moved in and they saw how I really lived, was when they finally believed me.

They told me I "looked like I had money". I laughed SO hard when they told me because I couldn't figure it out. I was just wearing a clearance sweater with clearance jeans when we met so I didn't take them seriously. I have been told stuff like this in the past before from other people also, but what on earth is that supposed to mean!?

All that has changed now. Maybe its the stress from taking care of my family full-time, my outdated wardrobe, or who knows what, but I do think I look "poor" now. =(

New York!

Out of all the things I looked forward to for my trip, I was most excited about hitting up the Chanel boutiques. Even though I can barely afford my cell phone bill, the possibility of being near my dream bags was thrilling. Who doesn't love the smell of leather!? My excitement soon turned sour when I was treated rudely by the SA's.

Saks Fifth Ave's Chanel Boutique was my first stop. Right when I entered the store, I decided to use the restroom first (there are NO restrooms in New York!!!) so I can look at my Chanels in peace. So it was pretty sad when some random scarf SA looked at my PURSE before telling me where the restrooms were. I tried not to let it bother me and decided to go straight to Chanel instead.

Now get this: Right when I walked in to the area, 2 of the SA's looked me up and down, and walked away. My boyfriend was pretty pissed at this point because he knew how excited I was so he decided to ask about the earrings I wanted to make me feel better. Right before the SA went to go check their stock, she went to the Security Guard, whispered something WHILE pointing at us, and then left. I was seriously close to tears at this point!!! Who does that?!

Its not like we were dressed like bums or anything. I was in a long white Banana Republic coat, black tights (forever 21, $3.80) , and Steve Madden boots (their Bonanza boots for $29) and my $110 Coach bag from high school since thats all I have left now. Yeah I got the coat at the outlet ($40 from $120) but how would they know!? lol

This is why my bf bought me so many Chanel items in NY. It was because we were treated pretty badly from all the stores so we were trying to "earn their approval'. (I still haven't decided which to keep... oops!) After we purchased the earrings, most of the SA's were so nice.

Rest of the Chanel boutiques:
Bergdorf's = SA was rude UNTIL we purchased earrings. Then we were like best friends, haha. She even let me hold some of the bags..
Madison Ave Boutique = SA was incredibly nice.. once we purchased something.
Bloomingdales boutique = nice SA but still looked at my purse before approaching me..
Soho Boutique = SA's didn't even approach me. I walked around the entire store at least 3 times before leaving.. played with their wallets and everything!
Other Boutique = SA looked at my Chanel earrings weird as if they were fake and ran over to me when I tried to look at a bag.

It was pretty ridiculous. Its been a few months since my visit but I still remember exactly how the scarf SA looked at my purse before answering me. Its not even that ugly? Lol its just plain black. I'll have pictures once I steal the bf's camera.

I've also been ignored at my hometown's Bloomingdales but I noticed if I wear my Chanel mini earrings, I get treated with extreme niceness. It only works when they're in close proximity though because just last Tuesday, I was looking at some Tory Burch flats (go here and here if you love TB and didn't realize they existed for cheaper prices - and then want to die from jealousy) and a male SA just GLARED at me while walking to the sale section. I even smiled at first out of nervousness but that just seemed to make him angrier!

So I've been dying to know - Has this ever happened to you? Did a sales associate judge you just by your appearance and deem you not worthy of their time? Can you give me tips to not look so poor? lol =(


  1. Always. It's disgusting! That's why whenever I meet one who is super helpful and kind despite me looking "not rich" I am so gratteful that I just want to buy from them.

    My bf hates going into the Chanel boutique at Bloomingdales just the browse. We always get the up-down and are followed cautiously as I pick up the bags. He bought me some CC earrings on his own for our anniversary and said the SA was so awesome he felt compelled to purchase, even telling him to avoid certain things that were out of his budget. So sigh...there are some good ones out there, but the only tip I have is to dress your best (or carry one designer item lol) when you go shopping at those type of places.

  2. This has happened to me too. This has also happened to my mom-- which is hilarious because she can actually afford any of that stuff if she wanted it... she just chooses not to spend that kind of money on bags and clothing.

    I feel like Prada SAs are the worst. I've been in a lot of these stores with family and friends, but I don't own anything designer myself.

    Oh and about the wedding dresses-- you got it, girlfriend! I'm going to a different wedding dress shop on Wednesday, and will take pictures of new dresses and post them! I'd love to get your input, I need all the help I can get in making these decisions!! :D

  3. aww thanks for linking me to the TB wedges. They are on sale but out of my size : / But still at $199.. sigh. I bet I could probably find them if I tried. Oh well, hopefully they'll end up at the Rack lol

    I do like many of Sam Edelman's designs. You should check out Karmaloop, they carry a lot of his shoes but at a discount (they always have 15-20% off and you can also use a rep code for an additional 1% off).

    What are your plans this weekend? Have you been doing any shopping? I kept thinking about what you said about Bloomingdales' credit card & discounts on Chanel. That's so awesome! I wonder how many Bloomies carry Chanel, do you know?

    I think I really would love to get myself a Black Jumbo in Lambskin w/ silver hardware..and then a Beige/Nude/Cream in Caviar w/ gold hardware lol.

    I forgot if you had the lambskin or caviar, which do you prefer? I of course want to get my Mom a Medium/Large flap one day. When it's time to buy, I'm going to ask you for help! :D

    Do you think LV will change their prices back? They're known to do that. I have a feeling they will. Gucci prices are so fair still (I think), but I'm not a die hard Gucci fan. I do like their smaller accessories not so much their bags.

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