Saturday, January 11, 2014

Belated New Year's Resolutions

1.) Shop less
Sephora and Bed Bath & Beyond are my two biggest weaknesses. When it comes to self-improvement or home improvement, I convince myself its not really 'shopping' if its to better myself. I really wish I had that mindset when it came to hitting the gym because my visits have been literally months apart. Plus, I might be traveling to Hawaii & Korea later this year so I can just shop then. :)

2.) Use up the things I buy, especially face masks. 
I'm not too sure why I keep getting more when I have so many already. It's definitely a sickness.

3.) Be more giving, but to the right people. 
I have a weird compulsion to give everyone I know gifts, especially for no occasion or reason - even if I'm not close with them. It sounds harmless but it puts people in an awkward position and they sometimes feel the need to repay me. Also, I realized certain people have started to expect gifts from me and when I do give them something, they don't appreciate it as much as they would if it came from someone else. One of the reasons why I gift so many items is because I really enjoy giving something they would appreciate since growing up, I didn't have the luxury to do so. I guess I'm overcompensating since I always regret how I couldn't afford to give my friends typical birthday presents, etc. My friends always joke that if I ever won the lottery, I would go broke from spending it on everyone. We even have a saying, "Teslas for everyone!" and yes, you guys would get one too.

4.) Be more active / walk the dogs more. 
My neighborhood has a ridiculous amount of dogs so we're always bumping into someone whenever we're out. I've gotten lazy during the winter since it gets dark so early but its not really fair to the pooches. I sort of want to have a doggy post? I hope that isn't too weird.

5.) Be more organized. 
I'm already slacking in this department, pathetically enough. Anyhow, I picked up these stacking containers from The Container Store and they're great for storing Essie polishes. Other ones, not so much but there are still a ton of uses for them. I'm definitely excited to go back and pick a few more up.

6.) Write in my planner every day.
Moleskine, Martha Stewart, & Muji are my holy trinity for office supplies. I'm the kind of person that tends to get discouraged easily, hence the reason why my blogging is so inconsistent. So when I start to feel down, one of the things that cheers me up is seeing all the things I've accomplished each week. Its mostly errands but I love the feeling you get when you complete a task. It also encourages me to be more active if I see that I haven't had a productive week. 

I've been using this particular Moleskine planner for a few years now and I like it because I have a very inconsistent schedule so completing certain tasks each day isn't always practical since my schedule varies daily. With this Moleskine, you can write down your daily tasks as well as your weekly tasks. I usually reserve the right hand side for things that need to be done that aren't time sensitive, such as picking up certain things, grocery shopping, etc so it gives you more freedom to get things done. Having my tasks scattered all over daily planners ended up being a little chaotic for me leading me to often miss important errands.

I'm also head over heals over anything Martha Stewart puts out, whether its at Petsmart, Micheals, MacysStaples, Kmart, or even Home Depot. I've loved pretty much everything so of course her collection with Staples is a must-have for me. Sounds silly to talk about NOTETABS but hers are amazing. Extremely durable, thick, and somehow you can reuse them for quite a bit before they the adhesive dies down. I always throw my journal in to my purse and these always come out looking perfect. Everything that I've picked up of hers has been amazing quality so its definitely worth checking out. I mean how cute are her message boards? And her biography is definitely worth a read if you're curious.

Lastly, Muji pens are the best. I have converted so many of my friends because they're just great for the price and really great for Moleskine journals. Something about the paper they use makes the pens feel extra smooth.

7. Blog more!
I have a few posts lined up so I'm definitely not going to quit any time soon. Its been a little tricky for me to take decent pictures since the lighting in my condo is a little odd. Apparently, multiple ceiling lights means multiple shadows, bleh. I have a post lined up about Burberry scarves and they're easily the worst pictures I've ever taken in my entire life to the point where I started crazy-laughing (laughing from madness) when it came time to editing them. But its a learning process so thank you for sticking around.

It's January 11th, are you guys still keeping up with your resolutions? I'm not doing so good but I'm not going to give up! Not yet, anyways :)


  1. YAY!!! i love love this post!! you're echoing so many of my thoughts. #1-4!! i gift ppl awkwardly too mostly because i get really excited because I GET super excited when i get gifts hahahahaha. and i've put myself on an monthly allowance for the new year so i can try and shop less.. and yes i bought soooo so many face masks in taiwan.. even though i had a sh*t ton at home already.. i'm back from taiwan.. and i'm STILL using the face masks i bought from taiwan.. 2 years ago. HAHAHAHA. UGH.

    i absolutely promise to get an instagram. i don't actually have a smartphone right now because we're in germany. but we're returning to the states this year and the first thing i plan doing is running out to get a smartphone. signing up for instagram. just for you grace :)!!! i've actually secretly been thinking about giving up blogging and just instagramming. it seems so much easier lol!

  2. wow! those are great products and everything plus the puppies so cute <3

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  4. This its a great list I need to shop less I'm with you on that one I always walk my dogs its good for them and you. Great post. Thank you for visiting my blog let me know if you want to follow-- follow by bloglovin I will follow back.

  5. Awesome outfit and cool pics
    just loved your blog! very good work

  6. I want to live in your neighborhood!! Look at all the cute (and obedient) doggies!!! It looks so fun. :) I'm the same way with you when it comes to sheet mask..hoarder. lol I'm trying to use them up! At least one a week is my plan. So far, I've only done one. lol