Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - For Mom

I think it's safe to say that parents are the toughest to shop for, especially if you come from a big family. They're at the point in their lives where they pretty much have everything they need and rarely want anything else. My boyfriend has four siblings so typical gifts like massagers or robes have gotten repetitive years ago so when Christmas rolls around, everyone ends up with some lackluster gift.

So if you're in a similar situation, I hope my list can inspire you. 

(1) Charlotte Olympia Slippers - I want them all. I love how feminine and delicate CO smoking slippers are. Did you see the detail around the ankles? So lovely.

(2) Louis Vuitton Luggage Trunks -Whether you want one to use as a coffee table like HRH Collection or a smaller one to house a beautiful bouquet of flowers like here, they're something that you can use for the rest of your life. They'll always be iconic and is a stunning statement piece in any home.

(3) Chanel Jacket - Easily the most iconic jacket in the world. Of course there are many brands that do their own version of the famous tweed jacket and to be honest, most people won't know the difference. My mom owns a Tahari one that actually looks a lot like the jacket above and usually pairs it with a Chanel brooch and the 2.55 bag so she gets tons of compliments when wearing it.

(3) Chanel Pearl Necklace -What I love most about Chanel accessories is that they're simple yet very eye-catching. A Chanel pearl necklace can make any outfit look effortlessly glamorous. Doesn't everyone want an Anne Hathaway moment with a Chanel necklace? 

(4) Chanel No. 5It's not a journey... every journey ends.. just kidding. I still can't believe Brad Pitt and Chanel thought that ad was a good idea. Regardless, this is an elegant perfume that can any mom would be thankful for, even if they're not big on fragrances. Just be careful of the size you get! I once received what I thought was a miniature version of this perfume since it was only 15ml and gave it away. I later found out that it was actually pure parfum and retailed at $200. Yikes, right?

(5) Chanel CC Earrings - I gave this exact pair to my mom for this past Mother's Day and it has become her most worn earrings. The pearls add a sophisticated yet fun aspect of the earrings and they're great for formal or casual events. I may somewhat regret giving her these! They were tough to track down but hopefully, I can do it again. 
(6) Fendi 2Jours Saffiano Mini Tote Bag - Love love love. Elegant, sophisticated, structured, and office appropriate. I first saw this bag when I was shopping with my mom at Neimans. It was all by itself on a pedestal in the middle of a walkway and both my mom and I were drawn to it immediately. It was love at first sight. Thats when you know you  have an amazing bag. (This shade is called 'Pink Ecstasy'). 

(7) Cartier Watch - If you're going to invest in an expensive timepiece, you can't go wrong with Cartier or Rolex. They're the most highly sought after watches and respected retailers won't even buy pre-owned unless its straight from the source. Tourneau is a great retailer to look in to if you're interested in a designer watch for a fraction of the retail value. They only carry authentic pieces and their Rolex and Cartier items are straight from Rolex & Cartier themselves so you know you can trust that your item is genuine. They carry both recent and vintage so its definitely worth a visit if you have a store near you. 

(8) Burberry Quilted Jacket - I can't even tell you how many times I've seen women wearing this jacket. Its simple overall but has the beautiful Burberry lining all throughout the inside of the jacket as well as the collar, so if you were to raise your collar, the Burberry check pattern would peek out. Subtle but just enough for people to know its Burberry. Since this is one of their most popular jackets, they update it every season so its very possible to get it at least 20-30% off throughout the year. Its pretty light overall and surprisingly warm. I wouldn't mind wearing this myself to be honest.

(9) Chanel Brooch - I'm not a fan of spending so much on "costume jewelry", especially for brooches, but a simple Chanel brooch can really make a huge difference on a simple outfit. My mom loves to wear hers on top of silk scarves or on a simple black suit so they can really pop. Brooches are great for those days when you want that bit of "oomph" but in a more subdued way. Prices usually start at $425 & above.

(10 & 11) Hermes Clic Clac & Collier de Chien - They come in a wonderful array of colors and sizes and again, I want them all. Simply chic and will always stay a 'classic' so you can wear them for many years to come.

(12) Burberry Boots - No matter where you live, rain boots will come in handy sooner or later. Even if you live in socal, it does rain once in a while, so why not turn a necessity in to a luxury. Burberry makes several rain boots every year, short and long, and they're all wonderfully made and just amazing. I actually have my eye on this pair. Yay/nay? Keep in mind, it doesn't rain in San Diego.. like, ever. 

(13) Burberry Scarf/Wrap - Burberry is a very safe choice for older women since its a classy, sophisticated brand. The wrap version is a mature take on their iconic scarves and even looks amazing draped on top of a couch. If your mom is daring, this wrap looks amazing in person. 

(14) Tiffany's MugBreakfast with Tiffanys. How cute would breakfast in bed be with a Tiffany & Co mug?  It's a bit pricey for a cup but I can't get enough of that lovely 'Tiffany blue' color. Did you know Tiffanys trademarked that shade of blue? This would also make a great DIY project.

(15) Hermes Scarf - You can't get more luxurious than an Hermes scarf. My favorite is when they're wrapped around a Birkin! They also look lovely tucked underneath a person's lapel so only the ends peek out or tied to your favorite handbag. 
(16) Lladro - If your mom is a fan of figurines, Lladro is considered the 'crem de la crem' of porcelain figurines. I remember when I was younger, my mom and I would always visit Macys just to admire their Lladro collection. They're exquisite, extremely detailed pieces and their designs are usually so graceful. I seriously recommend you check one out if you get the chance. A Lladro depicting a special moment in your and your mom's life would be such a thoughtful gift. 

(17) Tiffany's Earrings - There is something so special about receiving that little blue box. Earrings are my favorite jewelry item since they're fuss-free and normally I would recommend just a classic pair of diamond studs but I love these gold studs for moms. I think gold jewelry is a little underrated so I love that gold is gaining popularity again. 

(18) SK-II Gift Set - My mom is extremely picky about skincare to the point where she only uses 3 brands: Lancome, Estee Lauder, and Sk-II. She's been getting compliments for almost her entire life about her skin and at the age of 60 now, people will rarely believe her age. Sk-II is a little too pricey to use all year long, which is why I'm a fan of the gift sets that come out during the holidays. 

(19) Tiffany & Co Vase - When in doubt, give Tiffanys. It may seem silly to give a vase, but household items will be seen by a countless number of people and can often be the focal point of a room. A beautiful vase by the front door could welcome guests, be the centerpiece at the dinner table, or be used just to bring some much needed color to a dull room. Its also a very 'safe' gift if you're in need of a gift for the in-laws.

(20) Manolo Blahnik Pumps - These shoes were definitely the most memorable accessory from 'Sex & the City' for me. The color is the perfect shade of "something blue" and I think it would be so fun to wear a vibrant shoe to see the color peeking out from under a wedding dress. It's a classic shoe that would be great for all types of events, everything from your wedding day to celebrating the new year. 

(21) Louis Vuitton Wallet - I love gifts that are extravagant yet functional. Despite my devotion to Chanel, I strongly believe LV wallets are superior. They last much longer and age much better over time. Plus, they have a wider variety so there is plenty to choose from.

(22) Royal Albert Dining Set - I'm not a huge fan of giving dinnerware as gifts but I do know over a dozen ladies that would love it. Royal Albert & Lenox seem to be the most popular in terms of being somewhat 'affordable'. I do think its a nice gift to give, especially when you visit the person's home and see how they proudly display everything. Its also a fun way to collect each item over time from several people or several trips vs buying the entire set at once. It makes each piece more special.

(23) Cuisinart Tea Kettle - Both my mom and I both have this and use it everyday. My mom uses it daily for her teas and I use mine for my Starbucks Via instant coffees. I know you coffee snobs will turn your nose at the Starbucks Via coffees but I just love how quick and easy they are. It has different temperature settings for different teas and heats up so incredibly quickly. Besides, if Oprah likes it, I'm sure your mom will too. 

(24) Keurig Coffee Maker - A Keurig is sort of a no-brainer. Its easy, trendy, and makes tasty coffee. Whether your mom is going to use it at home or in the office, its an item I'm sure her and her guests will appreciate. It's also a great gift to give to a co-worker, client, basically anyone really!


  1. The Fendi purse is so chic! I've been on the hunt for the perfect Chanel brooch to go on all my sweaters and purses too.

  2. omg love EVERYTHING on this list!!! is it bad that i want everything for myself lolololol!!!

  3. You are so on point w/ everything women love. lol Seriously, you have the BEST taste. I can't help but get excited looking at your picks!!