Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gift Guide - Guy Edition

This is the second installment for my Holiday Gift Guide series for 2013. I have to apologize for the delay in posting but I'm still trying to balance blogging in to my life! I spend a massive amount of time on these posts but hopefully I'll get the routine down soon. Now this list consists of a wide variety of things, some traditional, some extravagant gifts. And, some are pretty darn amazing.

(1) GoPro Hero Edition 3 - I don't think there is any guy in my life that doesn't want the GoPro. Both when my boyfriend and his friend received theirs, they said it felt like Christmas. Not a lot of things can make a guy feel like that so this is one gift I definitely don't think you should hold back on.
(2) Burberry Watch - You might roll your eyes at this one since a watch is a very conventional, typical gift for a guy, similar to giving them cologne. But I find that guys rarely get watches for themselves and this watch one is beautifully detailed while still being subtle enough for the office. It has the classic, famous Burberry check pattern on the face of the watch with 3 chronographs, complete in gunmetal. Classic, but manly.
(3) North Face Jacket - If you're in a colder climate, this is such a "must have" item if you don't already have it. Their designs are simple and the quality is there. I'm spoiled by SoCal weather so I'm a wimp when it comes to anything below 70 and I find that their clothing items are much warmer than most of my jackets while the material is thinner and lighter.
(4) Pebble Smart Watch - I'm not huge on the 'smart watch' trend but if I were to choose one, it would definitely be the Pebble. It's an e-paper watch so its a very simple version compared to the robust Samsung one with the outrageous price tag. My bf is a huge fan of this watch (was even a kickstarter) and being able to read your e-mails while keeping your hands free has been surprisingly useful, especially when you're exercising or during important meetings. 
(5) Bose Headphones - I know Dr. Dre Beats are more popular but personally, I have both Bose & Dr. Dre and I much prefer the Bose. The sound quality is much superior to the Beats and they're much more comfortable - so comfortable that you forget you're wearing them.
(6) Ferragamo Loafers -  I definitely think shoes are a great investment piece for guys. They're perfect for the office, great for interviews, meetings, weddings, and other occasions of significance. Some guys may not approve on such a luxurious pair of loafers but I do find that having a pair of well-made, classic shoes, come in handy more often than not. I consider Ferragamo loafers the male equivalent of Christian Louboutin pumps. I have a friend that used to work for Google and one day, he was asking everyone, 'Do you like my shoes? They're nice right?! They're so comfortable!'. They were his first pair of Ferragamo loafers and he couldn't be more proud. He even wore them to picnics! Just like their name, I think they're 'magnifico'.
(7) Burberry Wallet -  Their men's wallets are also a favorite of mine because again, they're appropriate for the workplace and they're not so flashy that the guy will be embarrassed carrying it. As much as I love Louis Vuitton wallets, I've known a few guys who were made fun of by their friends for carrying LV since its so flashy. Sad, but not everyone appreciates luxury goods but this wallet is just detailed enough that people with a dedicated eye can appreciate it without the owner getting flustered.
(8) Netflix - Pretty much everyone I know either has Netflix or wants it, so giving one of their gift subscriptions is a pretty safe choice. I find that this is a great gift for the dads who already have everything. Its a nice way to unwind after a long day and a cost-efficient alternative to cable. They've really improved content wise and even have Korean Dramas. A year's worth is $96 so I think its pretty reasonable, especially considering a month of cable is half the price.
(9) iPad Mini/Air - I'm an Android girl but I did recently cave and got an iPad Mini - and loved every minute of it. Regardless of whether or not you're pro-Apple or pro-Android, the iPads are a beautiful piece of technology and I don't think you'll be hearing any complaints from the recipient. 
(10) Rayban Wayfarer - I love a guy in Raybans. I know the 'Clubhouse' style is a bit more popular as of late but I find that it can sometimes make the person look a bit douchey, a la Robert Pattinson-style (I'll still love him though). They can be a hit-or-miss so I think the classic wayfarers are a safer choice. 
(11) Chromecast -Love this! Basically, you can watch youtube, netflix, or whatever video you want on your tv. Its incredibly easy to set up and you can even use your phone as a remote. There is something about watching everything on the tv that makes it so much more enjoyable. If you plan on giving a Netflix account but want to give something in person (the Netflix can be given through e-mail) or want something under the tree, this would be a very smart gift to accompany the Netflix subscription.
(12) Jambox Speakers - This was in my 'Holiday Gift Guides' but this is definitely in need of another mention. The quality of these are amazing and the fact that they're Bluetooth makes them even more amazing. Perfect for dinner parties or for helping motivate you when you have to do mundane chores.
(13) Tickets - If your guy is a big sports enthusiast or loves to party at concerts or music festivals, tickets to that event are pretty much a home run. If you're planning on getting tickets for a sporting event, I do recommend you look in to which opposing teams he'd prefer to watch. ex: Lakers vs the Golden State Warriors isn't nearly as exciting as a game vs the Miami Heat. Also, I find that tickets are usually cheaper on Ebay than Stubhub.
(14) Roomba - There aren't that many guys in the world that enjoy cleaning, especially after working all day. For this price tag, its undeniably a luxurious gift but if it means never having to clean up crumbs or dog hair ever again, then why not. Unless, of course you own a pet that isn't potty trained,  for hilarious reasons
(15) Panini Press - Random, I know but this is one of those things a guy will learn to love. Turning regular sandwiches in to toasted, panini-like sandwiches can be pretty amazing and effortless, even for a guy. Oprah loves her Breville one so much that it keeps popping up in her Oprah's Favorite Things list! She even mentioned recently that she still uses it all the time. 
(16) Macbook sleeve - I wouldn't mind one of these myself, to be honest. Handmade with leather and felt, its a really chic way to carry the essentials. Eye-catching but still work appropriate. 
(17) PS4 / Xbox - Because, duh. Its almost as if its in a guy's DNA to want these. 

As always, I hope my post inspired some of you!


  1. ohhh is it weird that i want more than a few things on this list hahaha.

    ie. the macbook sleeve.. so chic.. and the panini press. i cannot say no to a melty ooey gooey grilled cheese.. and the roomba.. because hello I DON'T like to clean. hahaha..

    aww i don't have an instagram right now.. i've been thinking about caving.. but i'm honestly a little scared if i get instagram.. and have the option of just simply posting a picture here and there.. that i'll stop blogging completely hahahaha. #lazy

  2. I need to get my significant other a pair of Ferragamo's! I think they make the most dapper looking men's shoes. :) He's also in need of a new wallet! I was thinking of getting him a black leather one by Ferragamo. His LV wallet is falling apart! He did get tons and tons of compliments on it from both men and women everywhere we go. lol But I agree, I think an understated wallet for a man is nicer. :)

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