Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Hi everyone! 
Sorry for taking such a long hiatus from my blog. It definitely wasn't planned but to make up for it, here are a few ideas for Mother's day if you're stumped! This list may seem a little random, but my "Gift Guide for Mothers" from Christmas pretty much covered everything from designer items to appliances. Seeing as how that list was so thorough, I thought I'd cover more unconventional gifts in this post, including some that I plan on giving to my own Mom.

1.) Halogen Leather Jacket - I am absolutely obsessed with leather jackets. Whether its from Rick Owens or All Saints, Iro or Balenciaga, I want them all. What I'm not obsessed with are the insane price tags that come with them. Halogen is a brand that offers beautiful leather jackets but with a fraction of the cost. Best of all, they almost always go on sale at Nordstrom. Its currently on sale for $178, down from $299 and yes, it is one of my Mom's presents this year.

2.) Bath & Body Works - I never cared for this store until recently but now I am head over heels. Their new spring scents and designs have been so lovely and eye-catching. My favorite items from this store aren't their famous candles or lotions but their soaps! I've totally fallen for the mason jar trend so to see mason jar soaps? Love. Apparently they're double the size of their regular soaps so don't scoff at the prices because they're going to last you a while.

3.) Laduree - Anthropologie is also a new love of mine. Not only do they have cute clothes and adorable home goods but they also carry items from Laduree and Rifle Paper & Co. Laduree is easily one of the things I miss most about NYC but their beautiful recipe books help with my nostalgia. Isn't their packaging gorgeous?

4.) Macarons - Honestly, who can turn down a macaron? I hope to one day get the courage to make them but for now, Bottega Louie will have to suffice. These are a little too pricy to serve as a daily treat so they're definitely an indulgence, and when better than Mother's Day?

5.) Jo Malone - This is another brand that I reserve only for special occasions. I like the idea that instead of wearing your favorite perfume on a special occasion, to wear a new one. That way, every time you wear the new perfume, you'll be reminded of your special day. Its an idea I hope to utilize on my wedding day and I love the idea that whenever my mom will wear this, she'll remember how much she means to me.

6.) Teapot -  Peculiar, I know. For whatever reason, my mom and all of her friends are so fond of teapots and ceramics, especially plates. Collecting cast iron teapots have been a new hobby of my mom's but finding reasonably priced ones can be a little tough. World Market has a pretty decent selection, some of them even relatively similar to the higher-priced ones offered at Teavana. Even Bed Bath & Beyond has a great one.

7.) Champagne glasses - How amazing are these glasses? These would look amazing in a glass cabinet or using them to toast the new year. I'm a firm believer that one should always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge "just because" since everyday can and should be a champagne day. Sometimes, you just need to treat yo self (props if you get the reference).

8.) Lancome Absolue - My mom has been a devoted fan of Lancome for the past 30+ years and has the beautiful skin to prove it. When I asked her what she would like this year, she said she wanted a change but thats hard to do when she is so picky about her brands. She said she's too old to not try outrageously priced skincare at least once in her life so here it is! $170 for one small bottle of lotion... heres hoping she doesn't love it because I don't think I can justify purchasing it again. Trying new items from your favorite brands is a fun, safe way to try something new without stepping outside of your comfort zone.

9.) Chanel Brooch - This is my usual go-to when it comes to gifts for my mom. Chanel is always a favorite so you honestly can't go wrong with this brand. When it comes to giving Chanel, I prefer to stick with brooches or earrings since they tend to be more fun in design. Plus, some of their necklaces retail for over $2k so maybe next time, mom.

10.) Hermes Blanket - This is so ridiculous, its really just here for fun. I just love seeing this blanket draped over sofas in home-design magazines, architectural digest, and just in the background of amazing shows and instagrammers. Its such a luxe item at $1,500 but we can dream, can't we?

I'd love to hear what you guys are gifting to your mothers!


  1. UMMM how awesome of a daughter are you?!?!?! seriously can i be your mom? lololol your list is AMAZEEE!! it's been a few years since i've been into a bath and body works but omgosh that mason jar soap is TOTES adorbs!! and i'm so with you i love leather jackets too they just work with everything and make just plain jeans and a white tee look amazing!

    can i just say i LOL'D to your comment!! "vegan, gluten-free, paleo, COCONUT EVERYTHING" because I TOTALLY know ppl like that too LOLOLOL! the irony is that i've done so many of those "diets" too and then some.. atkins, south beach, dukan, juicing. you name it i've done it. and i just found that while they would work for a period.. they aren't realistic and long lasting. i mean seriously i live for dim sum and i think dim sum violates like every single one of the above diets in some way wahaha.

    like i just had pizza. yum. one slice.. with 2 cups of broccoli. to me that's realistic :)

    btw do you know where that mint green/blue-ish teapot w/ the gold top is from?? I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!

  2. OMGG thank you so much for the link. you know it's funny that you say that because i actually SAW that EXACT teapot + cups at the british museum in london.. and i stood in the gift shop and debated buying it for 30 min.. but eventually left empty handed.. and i TOTALLY regret not buying it. it's amazing that you found it!!! lolol. i think i'm going to order it. and *gulp* i think i'm in trouble because this website has SOOO MUCH FREAKIN' CUTE STUFF WAHHH!!!