Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lust List: Dior Tribal Earrings

Lust List:
Mise en Dior
Its now been a little over a year since these beauties were released and my obsession for these haven't waned a bit. The 'Mise en Dior' earrings were part of the 2013 pre-fall collection for Dior and their popularity has only skyrocketed since! Also known as the "Tribal Earrings", they were originally priced at $290 but now range from $460-$600 depending on which pair you fancy. 

What makes them stand out is that the larger part of the earring actually sits behind the ear, resulting in a simple yet eye-catching effect. Its such a clean, modern take on the classic stud earrings! 

The best part is that they come in an array of stunning colors. My favorites are the pearl, gold/silver combo, and the jade. Honestly though, wouldn't you want to collect them all? The pink jade is so lovely! Its pretty much the only designer jewelry item that I have ever wanted in multiple, if not all the colors. 

I love that you can mix-and-match as you please. It lets you be creative and is yet another reason why these are such a good investment piece! The more colors you get, the more they can perfectly match your entire wardrobe. I just love the dark blue/pearl combo. 

They even come in matte shades. Considering they're such a simple design, they're going to withstand the test of time and can survive being a staple in your wardrobe for years to come, even decades. Tons of celebrities have already worn them, everyone from Rihanna to Charlize Theron. They're a red carpet staple that effortlessly translates to daytime.

 The pearl pair is currently at $460 but they're due for another price increase soon. I seriously wished I jumped on the bandwagon when they were only $290 but I try to limit myself on spending so much for costume jewelry. After all the price increases though, I can't decide if they're worth the high price tag (up to $600!). I always thought if I were to spend that much on costume jewelry, it would be for a Hermes Micro Rivale bracelet or a Chanel necklace but now I'm not so sure.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay? 


  1. i love them they're very chic classic and elegant but not boring! what style and color are you thinking about getting?

    you're so sweet!! thank you.. hahaha well i owe the bulk of my weightloss to broccoli so i can't stop singing broccoli's praises lol. but yes i'm not really a "cook" per say.. honestly i couldn't even make rice before i got married.. so i really only learned to be able to feed my husband lololol.

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