Sunday, October 10, 2010

Financial woes with Chanel blessings

**Feel free to skip down to the birthday part. =) I'm just rambling.

As a pre-med student in one of the best colleges in Southern California, the struggle to balance my heavy workload with my family troubles was just been too much to bear. The strain on my life was so difficult that I decided that the best thing for my family and I, would be to take some time off of school. So it would make sense if that would take off some burden from my life... right?

WRONG. Apparently not all school loans start requiring payment a full year after you graduate. Even a temporary leave of absence from school is reason enough for student loan distributors to start asking for money. Also, because I left while school was in session (The second week of classes), my school is also requiring that I pay for the entire quarter. Everything from the cost of classes, dorm fees, and meal points that weren't even used. To make matters worse, the financial aid I already received for the quarter were nulled the second I wasn't enrolled in at least 12 units.

Basically, the amount I owe currently is much larger than what it would have been after I graduated. tear* So it was ridiculously stupid for me to take a leave of absence. If you ever considered it... forget it.

So I went from X amount of debt to XXXX in a matter of days! I'm supposed to do pay for all of this while still taking care of my family full-time? Ohhhhkay. Because a student that has been relying on scholarships and student aid to pay for tuition can afford to shell out a couple thousand dollars just like that? And its not as if I can just go out and get a job like most people because of the stuff going on with my family. Not to go too much in to detail but I pretty much have to be with them 24/7.

And forget about just enrolling back in to school. I now have a financial hold on my account, meaning I have to pay off my school fees before I can even become a student again.

Typing all this out just makes me want to scream!

So since I don't have the time to get a job, the only option I had left was to sell all of my things. I said goodbye to:
- LV Palermo PM
- LV Pochette
- LVPapillion
- LV Batignolles Horizontal
- Gucci tote
- Gucci sunglasses
- Prada Saffiano Wallet
- Several Chanel sunglasses
- Tiffany & Co bracelets
- and soo much more.

How.. could I afford all of these things? I didn't. The only thing I purchased my self were the Gucci sunglasses as a high school graduation present. The rest were all gifts by friends or family members. I was very blessed earlier in my life!

Its sad but I never cared for designer items back then since I received so many as gifts but now that I no longer have them or receive them, I developed such a desire for them! Little things like getting treated poorly in department stores or just not having a wallet to organize things really get to me sometimes. Window shopping is also a nice distraction from my life. =( I literally go to the LouisVuitton website several times a week.. lol


So on a happier note: My birthday is coming up!! I'm an October baby. Do you know what that means? It means my parents got. it. on. because of Valentines day. absolutely gross.

Anyways, my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to New York! I've never had a vacation in my life or even stayed at a hotel before so you can imagine how crazy excited I was! He even planned it specifically for when my auntie would be in town so my family would be taken care of. How amazing was that!? Not only that, the cost of our hotel and his plane tickets were completely free because he had to do work related things during the trip. It was just so meant to be!

I had the BEST time! I was nervous about flying for the first time but it was such a breeze. I didn't even get nervous on the way back! I was such a pro :)

The only downside was that we didn't get to do much since he was working half the time. We did eat at a bunch of yummy places though. It's true what they say: New York DOES have amazing pizza!!!

The highlight of the trip? My CHANEL haul. There are 7 Chanel stores in Manhattan - 3 free standing stores and 4 boutiques inside department stores. And I went to every single one of them.

The bf bought me 3 pairs of Chanel earrings and a Chanel card holder as an early Christmas present! But I only get to keep 1 item.. lol. He only bought me 4 things because I couldn't decide in the store. Whooops.. lol It's been a few days and I STILL haven't decided. Opinions are appreciated =)

(Why are two of my pictures sideways? And how come I can't turn them!??!?!? Fail.)

Anyways, I can't find the third pair right now but they're the Baguettes in silver. The cardholder is definitely going back to the store because the slots are all stretched out to the point where my cards just fall out. About the earrings: I had my heart set on the classic CC's since I've admired them since high school but none of the stores had them. =(

I'm leaning towards the ones with the Bergdorf Goodman tag but they're sort of obnoxiously big. very "IN YOUR FACE". lol but if you're going to wear Chanel earrings, thats the way to go, right!?

My boyfriend is off to San Francisco this week for work again and his hotel is exactly 1.1 miles away from a Chanel boutique. =) I'm hoping they'll have my CC earrings there. If not, then I don't know. =\ Maybe they all go back!!!

No, totally kidding. lol This is the first time in a LONG time I have the opportunity to have a designer item in my possession and who knows when the next time would be!? So I might as well =)

Technically, I have a brand new Chanel Jumbo from my aunt but I'm waiting until the next price increase (November) to sell it. It's hard because I'm always so tempted to take it out of the box and touch it but I'm good! lol She gave it to me as a "thank you" for going home immediately everyday after classes to take care of my grandma but even back then, I had a feeling I shouldn't cut off the tags. What would you do with a brand new Chanel Jumbo in delicious lambskin sitting in your closet? lol T_T

One day, I will be able to own a designer bag.. and actually get to use it!


  1. aww your bf is so sweet! I love the Chanel pair for BG!!! Keep those! And I envy your Chanel Jumbo!!!! Is it black?

  2. How much were the ones from BG? They're so pretty! I've never seen them before :D

  3. Steph!! Hi =)

    Yeah I have the black Jumbo with gold hardware. I'll probably upload pics of it soon here. Lambskin feels absolutely amazing. next time you're in a Chanel store, feel up the lambskin bags! it just feels like money, haha!

    My Chanel earrings from Bergdorf's were $225! They were both $225 actually? Isn't that weird since the sizes are so different? I'll do a compare picture of the two later and you might change your mind after you see me wearing them. They look SO much bigger on the ears!! lol

    You're going to NY soon, right? YOU HAVE TO GO TO BERGDORFS! its gorgeous inside. i stood there just going like O_O admiring everything, lol

  4. Oh gosh, I would so take the LV Palermo off your hands. >=P And your boyfriend is so sweet. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. I think I have an idea of how big they are. I have a pair of pretty big ones too. Mini's are the favorite! That's why they're expensive. My aunt in Paris says mini's are more expensive than the classics as well.

    The lambskin is very nice, but I think I would be too scared to use it! I like the caviar, more durable for daily life. I doubt I'll ever have a Chanel bag any time soon >.<

  6. Aw, this was such a touching post to read. I had to pass on my dream schools in CA so I could go to a free one so I'd have no debt...I know how painful student debts are!

    I'm so glad to hear you loved NY. Thanks for the rec's...I worked in NY for months earlier this year and hit up most of those places but the chinatown ice cream place...sounds awesome! Darnit I didn't go to Bergdorfs! Which item did you end up keeping? And are you still in the process of selling your stuff because you must post the ebay links!

  7. wow it's so rare to read such an honest blog post! i'm really sorry to hear about the difficult situation you are in. but i think God's really blessed you with a very sweet and wonderful boyfriend :)

    i have a metallic gold chanel wallet holder very similar to yours that chanel gifted me with last year and i use it constantly so i'm really i'm sorry to hear your slots are stretched out thought that is such a bummer.

    and i agree i think you should go with the biggest chanel earrings go big or go home!! :)