Monday, October 18, 2010

Midterm season - Need I say more?

My roommate's dog. Whenever I have to babysit her, I put ribbons on her and blind her with the flash from my camera. =) Jk, I try not to use flash! She's adorable but my roommate never washes her... lol so she's like this cute stink-bomb that loves sitting next to you but ughhh when she does =\

I realized I put way too much time and effort in to everything. For example, I've been in the process of selling my last brand new Louis Vuitton Neverfull but it took forever because I took so many damn pictures! lol After deleting the ones I don't want, I still have 42...that is about 38 more than everyone else's! Yikes, right? I just really wanted to prove it was authentic... lol The worst part though was figuring out how I should ship it. The bag is about 15"x13" but when its flat, its freaking 24"x16! So I spent over an hour trying to create a box just to ship that sucker.

Here's what happened:
my first attempt at using a box cutter. can you tell I struggled??

Box #1! This would've worked except I needed to fold the sides of the bag. The Neverfull technically is able to be a bag that has folded sides but I wasn't comfortable folding it while it was flat. If I buy a bag off of Ebay or Bonanza, I would want to know it wouldn't come all folded.

Box #2. Can you tell how many pieces this version had? 7. Such a waste of tape! This box was bigger than the first but I still had to fold it, just not as much.

Final box. All that work for nothing! lol I heard there are outrageous fees once your box hits the 21" mark (and this is 25? I think?) but I decided to screw it. I want my buyer to receive their bag in perfect condition! I'm saving my other boxes though just in case the fees are too much for me to handle.

I even take off the lint on the dust bags! lol Notice the plastic on the ground? I wanted it to be extra clean. =)

Bye bye my brand new Louis Vuitton Neverfull in GM.

Did you know Louis Vuitton lowered and raised the prices on some of their items? This bag cost $750 when it was purchased but now its freaking $725!! I had to re-write the listing today. I wonder if my buyers think its weird how I always have brand new items to sell... lol I was hoping this item will sell for at least $700 since older versions have sold for around that much but now I'm not sure! =(


  1. That dogger is adorable. She can totally get away with smelling.

    Eeeeeeee that's so expensive! I don't own one bag worth that much, the most is $500!

    I posted the update. Just for you, so you don't think I'm as much of a liar (I'm still a liar, I said I would post yesterday!) It involves shoes. <3

  2. I don't know if you still update, but I want you to have the "One Lovely Blog" award at the bottom of my most recent post!

  3. You are such a good seller! I hope your bag found a new loving home <3

    Update your blog miss!

  4. I just started using the Clarisonic :D It's definitely improved my skin :) I've been using an Aloe Vera face wash (cleanser) from the body shop with the matching toner. It's been working out nicely for me.

    In terms of more affordable foundation, I really like Revlon Photo Ready. It's really nice, but I wish they had more options in terms of shade.

    I'm not a big fan of MAC foundations anymore..I have broken out. But their Studio Fix Powder is really amazing for flawless looking skin (even though it clogged my pores!) I have larger pores now because of MAC foundation (I'm pretty sure..since it's only be 1-2 years since I've branched out and used other cosmetics brands).

    I hope you have a great rest of your weekend! Hope I answered some of your questions.


  5. I love every single comment you leave me darling <3 You are just SO good at shopping! I can't believe Nordstrom had such a deal on Burberry!

    The Downtown Seattle Nordstrom (near where I live) is the Flagship Nordstrom and does have a Chanel inside. There is also a Chanel inside one of the Nordstrom in Portland, OR! I've been there TWICE! lol. It's always so busy because there's no sales tax in the state of OR.

    I've only bought earrings & sunglasses from Chanel,no bag yet. lol I would definitely buy a seasonal bag if it was completely gorgeous! I do love many of the ones I've seen. I think I definitely need to get my mom a black Classic Medium/Large Flap with Gold Hardware. I would LOVE to have a Jumbo in Black lambskin w/ Silver Hardware and a Jumbo Beige in caviar w/ Gold Hardware. :D lol that's the dream at least.

    What bags are you holding onto now? Girl friend you need to blog so I can see what's going on in your shopping life!

    Thank you for the tip about Bloomies, I would have never known! I wish we had one here, but we don't :/ I do like to browse their website though :) I've bought a pair of TB sandals through them last year.

    I'm getting a bit tired tonight. I think I'll cut this message short. I catch up with you soon :)

    <3 Steph