Friday, November 29, 2013

Gift Guide 2013 -- $100 & Under

This is the first installment of my six part series in "Gift Guides" for the upcoming holidays. Each list will focus on a specific type of individual or category so hopefully you'll gain some inspiration from my posts. I'll try my best to help you get through the holidays as stress free as possible!

(1) Diptyque Candle - This is one of those things everyone wants but will rarely get because its just a little too indulgent. Wonder why so many people reuse the candle holder to hold various things such as brushes and other misc things? It's because one candle is $60! With that price, you better get your money's worth. They also have a votive trio with their top best sellers here.  

(2) Michael Kors Infinity Scarf - My name is Grace and I am addicted to scarves, especially infinity/circle/loop ones. They're great for completing an outfit without looking overdone and of course, to keep warm. This Michael Kors one is even better in person and the material is great. The gold buttons adds a classy but simple touch. 

(3) Marc Jacobs Beauty Gift Set - Buttery soft eyeshadows, a festive lip gloss, deep eyeliner, & more all packaged in a beautiful Marc Jacobs cosmetic bag. The 'Showstopper' gift set has all your essentials to make your look go from day to night. I already picked one up and was surprised by how roomy the cosmetic bag was.

(4) L'Occitane Delicious Almond Gift Set - I cannot get enough L'Occitane lotions. My favorite are their hand creams and the Milk Concentrate. They leave hands feeling so smooth and supple. Your body will love some TLC from this set.

(5) Jambox speakers - These wireless speakers are perfect for outside dinner parties or even just lounging around the house. Its effortless when you want to move it from room to room and the sound quality and bass is amazing. Their size makes them great for portability and easy to hide if you're going for subtle decor. I like to place mine next to the centerpiece during outside gatherings so its hardly noticeable. 

(6) Harry & David Gift Basket - You haven't tried a pear until you've tried one from H&D. I used to wonder how their pears could be so popular since, its just a piece of fruit. Its one of those things you can't properly understand until you've tried one for yourself. This is my favorite gift set they offer because its a mix of everything - fruit, cheese, salmon, and the most amazing, decadent desserts. My favorite dessert of theirs is the Moose Munch: the most delicious chocolate covered popcorn you will ever eat. A few Harry & David items go on sale at Macy's starting Black Friday and I seriously hope you will try one out. It's life-changing.

(7) Zara High Heels - Again, every fashion blogger has worn these at some point but who cares, they're amazing and something I consider an 'effortless' item. Throw these on with any outfit and you're good to go.

(8) Gold Bar necklace - This beautiful, handmade piece is the perfect, delicate item that you can wear day-to-day and not have to worry about whether or not it matches your outfit - because it matches everything! Gold bar necklaces look great alone or layered. 

(9) Eberyjey Pajamas - If you have a good pair of pajamas, sometimes they make all the difference. I am an extreme insomniac so having really soft, comfortable pajamas with freshly laundered sheets really helps me put my mind at ease. I love the contrast between the navy blue and white trim and I don't feel guilty at all wearing these all day because they're so adorable. 

(10) Zara Skort - The infamous Zara skort. Every fashion blogger has worn it at some point and even though it got a little too popular too quickly, its still a fantastic piece of clothing. Besides, not everyone reads fashion blogs - there are many that haven't discovered it yet!

(11) Jewelry Box - This beautiful antique silver jewelry box is definitely on my wish list! It would be perfect on your vanity, your bathroom counter, or even on your coffee table. The Pottery Barn price is a little steep but some say they found very similar ones at TJ Maxx. 

(12) TOMS Bootie - At least 3 of my friends want these for the holidays so its safe to say, they're a hit. I got them last year and they're surprisingly pleasant. Comfortable, light, airy, and every pair you purchase, a pair is donated to a child in Africa. It is the season for giving, after all.

(13) Henry Bendel Ring - Whenever I think of Bendels, I think of Blair Waldorf saying only the holy trinity of B's matter: Barneys, Bendels, and Bloomingdales. Bendels is a great store with an wide assortment of accessories. This particular ring adds the bit of glam to a modest outfit. I don't really recommend this item for people with smaller hands because I had difficulty with the top piece staying on but its really eye-catching and unique (if it fits!). 

(14) Fujifilm Instax - Pretty much everyone I know loves taking pictures and the results from this instant camera are just lovely. Its also pretty satisfying having the picture printed instantly - instant gratification with no fuss. Plus, the pictures look like they had an Instagram filter added on them! (Amazon is the cheapest I've ever found it but Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters have it in the store)

(15) Nars Limited Edition Palette - Named 'Crime of Passion', it is an eyeshadow, cheek, and lip palette. Its from the Guy Bourdin collection but was a bit undershadowed by the 'One Night Stand' cheek palette from Sephora. Personally, I think this is a better deal and is ideal for traveling. It includes Nars' top sellers such as the Laguna bronzer, the Deep Throat blush and lipgloss, and 3 neutral eyeshadows that work for both day and night.

(16) Fitbit - Fight the holiday weight by monitoring your daily movement. All you do is wear it on your wrist and it records all of your movement, even your sleeping patterns. It doesn't get much easier than that!

(17) Jonathan Adler Candle - I really didn't want two candles on my list but when it comes to Jonathan Adler's Muse candle, I think we can make an exception. As one of his most popular items, its definitely a staple in many people's homes. A lovely scent housed in a unique ceramic vessel that will look good just about anywhere. Modern, artistic, and truly distinctive, especially for a candle.

(18) Chanel, The Vocabulary of Style - All. about. Chanel. It's an interesting read with stunning photographs all depicting Chanel. Even the cover is glamorous and the book itself is enclosed in a separate sleeve. This would be a beautiful, welcomed addition to anyone's coffee table. 

Stay tuned for the next Holiday Gift Guide! 

Thanks for reading. x


  1. I am in need of that jewelry box! I want a case to keep my earrings. :) I love your holiday gift guide so much!! I love reading your perspective on everything. Keep it up!!

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  3. I just ordered a Harry & David gift set to gift! lol Thanks for the holidays ideas!! You rock!! ;)